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Hartmann '15th Anniversary Concert' - Download Video

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15th Anniversary Livestream-Konzert und Releaseshow zum Album '15 Pearls And Gems', aufgenommen am 26.06.2020 im Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg / Länge: 1:37:09 / Datei-Format: mp4


01. Can’t stop this train 
02. You will make it 
03. Walking on a thin line 
04. Don’t want back down 
05. Simple man 
06. When the rain begins to fall 
07. The sky is falling 08. After the love is gone 
09. The sun's still rising 
10. I won’t get fooled again 
11. Don't give up your dream 
12. Alive again 
13. Listen to your heart 
14. Out in the cold
15. Music was my first love


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