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Echoes "Barefoot To The Moon" - BluRay

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  1. Shine on you crazy diamond

  2. Have a cigar

  3. Us & them

  4. High hopes

  5. Welcome to the machine

  6. Wish you were here

  7. Young lust

  8. Time / Breathe (Reprise)

  9. The great gig in the sky

10. Another brick in the wall Pt. I

11. The happiest days of our lives

12. Another brick in the wall Pt. II

13. Hey you

14. Nobody home

15. Comfortably numb

16. Money

17. Run like hell


Bonus features:

  1. Trailer

  2. Making of / Interview

  3. Concert slideshow

  4. Making Of slideshow    140 min

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